Beachtown Live FAQ

I’m new to Zoom. What do I need to do ahead of time?
  • Download Zoom Version 5.0. It’s free to download and you’ll need the most updated version. Go here to download: https://zoom.us/
  • Set up your computer or mobile devise in a comfortable place and sign in approximately 15 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin.  The meetings will last approximately 40-60 minutes.
  • We want to hear you! Know that if you want to participate and engage with the Task Force, you may be asked to turn your camera on.
  • This Zoom meeting is LIVE! There may be technical glitches, so please bear with us.
How do I join the Beachtown Zoom?
  • You can sign up here to reserve your spot: https://securesite.sdrep.org/13777/13778
  •  Once you’ve reserved your spot in the meeting, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom address.
  • Approximately 15 minutes before the meeting, click the link and you will be invited into the meeting once we’re ready to start.

I’m stuck in a waiting room. What does this mean?

Likely if you’re in the waiting room it means we’re almost ready to get started. Hang tight and we’ll let you in when we’re starting  We may start a few minutes late as we gather together so we appreciate your patience.

I’m getting a message that says the Zoom meeting is full. How can I join?

We hope to have room for everyone but if we are full you can
A) wait a minute or two, space may open up  and you’ll be let in when a spot opens up or
B) You can watch live on these other platforms:

I was late, and I can't get in. What is happening and can I still joiin?
After the show starts, we will not be letting people in from the Zoom lobby to avoid new people popping up on the screen once the actors start the show. Our tech support team will direct you to watch the Livestream on our Facebook page. 

I can’t get anything to work. Who can I call to get some help?
  • If you made into Zoom, you can open your comments window and type your question there, Beachtown Tech Support will respond and assist.
  • If you can’t get anything to work, please text our Beachtown Live Tech Support at (619) 940-6091 or send an email to beachtowncalifornia@gmail.com