San Diego REP Latinx New Play Festival

San Diego REP Latinx New Play Festival 

The San Diego REP Latinx New Play Festival, hosted by the Amigos del REP, is a celebration of engaging, dynamic and enlightening new plays by Latinx playwrights from across the United States. Submissions are accepted from Latinx playwrights representing an array of genres, styles and experiences highlighted by both emerging and veteran playwrights.

Questions? Please email amigos@sdrep.org or call 619.544.1000. 

San Diego Rep Latinx New Play Festival reading of "Guadalupe in the Guestroom."

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

San Diego Rep Latinx New Play Festival 2019

English-language plays, Latinx stories

The festival had four readings and also a number of ticketed, surround events.

  • To Saints and Stars by Jordan Ramirez Puckett
  • DREAM HOU$E  by Eliana Pipes
  • Aztec Pirates & the Insignificance of Life on Mars by David Davila
  • Laughs in Spanish by Alexis Scheer


Friday August 30th
7:00pm Gallery Walk
7:30pm Reading 1: DREAM HOU$E
9:00pm  Opening Reception

Saturday August 31st
12:00pm  Designer Showcase 
1:00pm Reading 2: To Saints and Stars
3:00pm Sin Fronteras Writers’ Group Sharing
4:00pm Reading 3: Aztec Pirates and the Insignificance of Life on Mars
5:30-7:00pm Dinner Break
6:30pm 57 Chevy VIP Festival Pass Reception
7:00pm 57 Chevy
8:30pm Festival Party

Sunday September 1st
12:00pm Liliana Padilla Sneak Peek
1:00pm Historical Context Panel
2:00pm Reading 4: Laughs in Spanish
4:00pm Closing Toast


San Diego Rep Latinx New Play Festival History: 2018


"Bad Hombres/Good Wives" by Herbert Siguenza

Director: Daniel Jáquez

Stage Manager: Danielle Dudley

Sound Designz: Kevin Anthenill 

Featuring: John Padilla, Gabriela Nelson, Salomon Maya, Yvette Angulo, Jose Balistrieri, Roxanne Carasco, Daniel Ramos, Jose Martinez, Mariel Shaw


"The Book of Leonidas" by Augusto Amador

Director: Peter Cirino 

Stage Manager: Victoria Zepeda

Assistant Stage Manager: Mario Veha

Featuring: Carter Piggie, Tony Perez, Andrea Agosto, Sofia Sassone, Christian Contreras, Willie Goree, and Santi Samano


"Bees and Honey" by Guadalís Del Carmen

Director: Jose Galvan

Stage Manager: Diana Nicasso

Assistant Stage Manager: Mila Daniels

Featuring: Nadia Guevara, Sidney Hill, and Vanessa Duron


"Azul" by Christina Quintana

Director: Nadia Guevara 

Stage Manager: Jessica Cortez

Assistant Stage Manager: Vanessa Duron

Featuring: Ariella Kvashny, Andrea Agusto, Gabriela Nelson

San Diego Rep Latinx New Play Festival History: 2017


"El Cipitio: A Salvadorian Odyssey" by Ric Salinas and Herbert Siguenza with Randy Ertll

Director: Herbert Siguenza 

Stage Manager: Mario Vega

Featuring: Richard Trujillo, Jennifer Paredes, Ric Salinas, Herbert Siguenza, and Sandra Ruiz


"Fabulous Monsters" by Diana Burbano

Director: Sara Guerrero 

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Uribe

Music: Moises Vasquez

Featuring: Janet Franco, Rachel Oliveros Catalano, Julianna Ojeda, Elsa Martinez, Katie Ventura, Richard Soto, and Jose Galvan


"(w)holeness" by Lily Padilla

Director:  Krystal Mercado 

Stage Manager: Samantha Santos

Featuring: Reanne Acasio, Max Singer, Veronica Burgess, Rhianna Basore, Brandon O’Sullivan, and Dairrick Hodges


"Guadalupe in the Guest Room" by Tony Meneses

Director: Peter James Cirino 

Stage Manager: Victoria Yvette Zepeda

Featuring: Catalina Maynard, Ryan Stubo, Destiny Girley, Antonio Perez, and Marda Rose

2020 Latinx New Play Festival Overview

2020 Latinx New Play Festival submission is now closed.  Stay tuned for details about our 2020 Festival.

San Diego Repertory Theatre and Amigos del REP are proud to announce open submissions to the 2020 Latinx New Play Festival, a weekend of new play readings by Latinx playwrights. The festival will showcase four new Latinx plays by Latinx playwrights. The 2020 Latinx New Play Festival seeks to expand the presence of Latinx stories and artists on the American stage that spotlight the broad range of today’s Latinx experience. The festival will invite artistic directors, literary managers, and producers to attend a weekend of readings showcasing the work of Latinx actors, directors, and designers. Past selections include work by Diana Burbano, Ric Salinas and Herbert Siguenza with Randy Ertll, Tony Meneses, Liliana Padilla, Guadalís Del Carmen, and Christiana Quintana, Alexis Scheer, Eliana Pipes, David Davila, and Jordan Ramirez Pucket. The festival will take place at The Lyceum Theatres in Horton Plaza.

Festival Details

Four scripts will be selected to be rehearsed over the course of one week, resulting in a public music-stand reading. Readings will be rehearsed early August 2020; combined rehearsal and performance will not exceed 29 hours. Each selected script will be assigned a local Latinx director and actors (unless otherwise indicated by the script).


Festival submissions are open to self-identifying Latinx playwrights living in the United States. Scripts may be in English or English with some Spanish or another Language (scripts with a language other than English must be accompanied by an English translation). Plays must be unpublished, professionally unproduced, and not currently under option at the time of submission. University productions or other non-professional workshops/productions will not disqualify a script.
At this time, only full length (at least 80 minutes), non-musicals, with cast size under eight will be considered. Plays with music will be considered as resources allow (cast-size less eight and under, piano only). Solo pieces will also be considered. Submissions are limited to one script per playwright.

Selection Criteria

A selection committee of San Diego Rep Artistic staff and Artistic Director, and Amigos del Rep
readers will make recommendations and final selections. Selection will be based upon:
  • Artistic merit including quality, impact, purpose, and aesthetics of the play.
  • Alignment with San Diego Repertory Theatre's mission of producing plays by and about the Latinx experience. Additionally, San Diego Repertory Theatre’s mission is to produce intimate, exotic, provocative theatre through vivid and theatrical works that nourish progressive political and social values.
  • Feasibility of a full production in San Diego Repertory Theatre’s mainstage season.

Submission Procedure

All applicants must send the following two (2) documents:
  • Your script with a clear cast list.
  • An application document which includes:
  1. Your name, email address, and phone number
  2. A one paragraph synopsis of the script
  3. Number of actors required
  4. Please list any prior development work for this play
  5. Playwright biography (100 word limit)

All entries must be emailed by: Monday January 13, 2019 by 12:59 PST.

Please email your script and completed application document as two separate attachments in the same email:
  • Email Subject Line: 2020 Latinx New Play Festival Submission, Your Name, Script
  • Title
  • Application Email: amigos@sdrep.org
Hard copies will not be accepted. PDF documents are strongly recommended to avoid formatting discrepancies. Selected playwrights will be notified via email by May 1, 2020.

Have questions?

Email Maria Patrice Amon.