Accessibility at San Diego REP

San Diego REP strives to do our best to ensure all our patrons have the best possible experience. In addition to the accessibility information below, we are available by phone at 619.544.1000 from 12pm-6pm daily to assist you.


To access accessible valet parking, please enter the Service Tunnel off of 4th Avenue (the first entrance to the right past the Balboa Theatre). There will be signage and Rep staff located at the entrance of the tunnel to help guide you. From there your car will be valet parked free of charge and you will be escorted through our freight elevator into the downstairs lobby. If you have any issues with stairs, please use this accessible parking provided as there is currently no elevator leading into the Lyceum theatre. If you have any issues locating our accessible parking, please contact the Box Office at 619-544-1000.

Directions to the Service Tunnel:

From Broadway, continue south on 4th Ave, turn right just past the Balboa theater to access the ramp to the Horton Plaza loading docks access. The tunnel is right across the street from the Operacafe.

Click Here for a Google Pinned Location of the Service Tunnel.


If you or another member of your party would like to bring a trained service animal to the Lyceum Theatres, we recommend the owner of the trained service animal notify the Box Office (619.544.1000) or ticket reseller you purchased your tickets from prior to your performance date to inform them of the service animal’s training purpose along with the animal's size and breed, so the seat selection can be guided by the patron’s needs. This will ensure the patron will have the best possible experience with their service animal.


San Diego Repertory Theatre offers wheelchair accessible seating for our wheelchair using patrons and one companion for each wheelchair user. Transfer from a wheelchair is only available in designated wheelchair accessible seats, as wheelchairs need to be located adjacent to the user in the event of emergency. We recommend booking wheelchair accessible seating for your preferred date in advance through the Box Office (619.544.1000) to secure availability.

If transferring from a wheelchair to a seat, please allow sufficient time before the show start time so that the transfer can happen safely and the wheelchair stored correctly before the house lights dim.


Walking assists such as canes and walkers are welcome. The Box Office (619.544.1000) will provide the best seating guidance for patrons using these aides, as most seats must be accessed via stairs, so please inquire as to your best seating access when reserving your tickets. Each of our theatres have two rows of seats accessible at floor level for ease of access and may be reserved at purchase. Handrails are provided for balance on all stairs in both of our theatres and our lobby.


An assistive hearing system is available to any patron on request, and can be accessed by speaking with an usher or staff member upon arrival. Please note that the system is not compatible with TCOIL hearing devices, and is instead used as a separate ear speaker to present the sounds of the performance at an amplified level. There is no charge but a non-monetary security is requested to safeguard its return such as a drivers license or a credit card.


An AED is installed at the Lyceum Theatres, and staff trained in using the AED are present at each performance. Emergency responders are located within three blocks of the Lyceum Theatres.