Venue Hire FAQs

Venue Hire FAQs

Event Reception and Concessions Questions

Are there limits on event timing?

Yes there are. Events need to be over and doors locked by 11:59pm. 

Can we host a Party/Reception for our event?
  • Yes, we do allow rentals to use our lobby space to have one reception (1) with their rentals without a separate lobby reservation as long as the rental period is longer than one week and it is coordinated with the Production Coordinator and Venue Experience Manager.
Do you have required vendors?
  • We do not have any required vendors at this time.
  • We do require contact names and numbers of renter’s vendors in advance. We also require a schedule of arrival times at least 3 days prior to any delivery.
Please note that due to construction in Horton Plaza, receiving deliveries at the Lyceum Theatres requires coordination and communication between the Venue Experience Department and any vendors.
Do you allow outside alcohol?
  • Yes; however there are conditions for the use of outside alcohol in your events:
    • Free pre-show alcohol must be served by a house bartender as described in our license.
    • Post show private parties may self-serve wine or beer at no cost. This is only at a closed & invited event not open to the public.
    • We do not allow the sale of alcohol when our bar is serving
    • If you want to rent our facility for a special fundraiser and sell alcohol, you must provide:
  1. Liability insurance appropriate for the sale of alcohol (rider to the event insurance).
  2. A license to sell alcohol “off-site” for the specific date of the event, and the specific item limitations (beers, wine only etc.).
  3. Appropriate servers and supplies including ice, cups, napkins, etc.
What concessions options are available at the Lyceum Theatres?
  • Upstairs café is currently CLOSED; however the downstairs bar is OPEN and offering sodas, water, cookies, candy, and chips.
  • We can offer a specialty cocktail specific to your event upon request at no extra charge.
  • By default, concessions will be open during your event at no extra charge. 

Programs, Ushers, and Staffing Questions

Can the REP print programs for my event?
  • We do not offer program printing service. The renter must print and supply their own programs. However, the REP can store and distribute your programs during the event. Please contact the Venue Experience department with any further questions about programs.

How do Ushers work?
  • All of our ushers are volunteers. Our Venue Experience Manager will schedule ushers depending on the location, size, and needs of your event.
  • If you have any further questions, concerns, or requests regarding ushers for your event, please contact the Venue Experience department.

As a venue hirer, do I have to use REP staff? 
  • There is only one required staff member that you must hire for your event and that is the House Manager. Every other position is up to you to fill and/or request that we help you find someone to fill it.

Due Dates and Ticket Sales

What are the required due dates for impotant information?
  • 1 Week before going on sale (at least 6 weeks prior to event) – Performance schedule & Box Office information is due
  • 3 weeks out – Proposed schedule, Tech sheet, ground plan, light plot/needs are all due
  • 2 weeks out – Schedule is approved and finalized by renter and Production Coordinator, Labor & Equipment Estimate is sent
  • Week of Event – Proof of Insurance & Rent is due upon arrival before work can begin

What is needed to put tickets on sale?
  • Finalized Performance Schedule
  • Strong idea of what pricing you would like for your tickets prior to your meeting with the Box Office.
  • All of the images and text for the website links. This includes the following:
  1. Black and White show title image to match Presenter’s marketing materials.
  2. Black and White production company name image that matches design (if applicable).
  3. Banner 1040x531 pixels, no text in top 20% or bottom 10%
  4. Banner 1920x1080 pixels, with show title and date (times optional)
  5. Thumbnail 220x220 pixels
  6. Show description 200 words or less
  7. Show summary 20 words or less