Speak Up! Speak Out! | The Breath Project Pt. 1

The Breath Project

After the murder of George Floyd last year, Gamal Chasten and Marieke Gaboury launched The Breath Project in partnership with theatres around the US including San Diego REP. The goal of the Breath Project is to build a more equitable theater community in this country, and actively dismantle structural racism in the American Theater, through a combination of art, action, and advocacy. For the inaugural Breath Project Festival in Fall 2020, artists of color were asked to submit world premiere works that were 8 minutes and 46 seconds in length. All the Festival performance selections are now available to stream online. Over the coming months, The REP will share those we found particularly moving.

This week we recommend Super Moon by Dani Danger, produced by We Are People Music, with spoken word by Tyharra Cozier. The song was born out of a response to the 2020 socio-political climate and the BLM movement. My Breath, the spoken word performed at the top and end of the piece, written by Tyharra Cozier, was also inspired by the current socio-political climate. This video was shot in one take to mimic that of live theater." No edits, just art."


Learn more about The Breath Project: 8 Minutes and 46 Seconds at https://www.thebreathproject2020.com/