The rise in hate crimes against Asian people over the last year is the most recent contribution to a long and troubling history of racist abuse inflicted on the AAPI community. As with many other Black, Indigenous and Communities of Color, the stories of those violent and racist acts are often dismissed, or worse, ignored – and, consequently, they are often erased from our collective memory.
But art has a way of subverting this erasure. Historically, art has persevered in telling the stories of injustice, of hate – and then, of how those injustices were met by redemption and change. Art offers both the imagination and the tools necessary to stop acts of hate in its tracks.
We at San Diego REP know, however, that the art is only as powerful as the commitment of the artists and creators behind it. And so we pledge to continue the work of organizational transformation and of self-examination to strengthen our allyship with the AAPI community. We offer our voice and our platform to the AAPI community as a means to build connections in San Diego and beyond. We invite the AAPI community into our space to find fellowship and safe harbor. And we pledge to share stories of and by the AAPI community so that its legacy may endure.
San Diego Repertory Theatre Calls for a Stop to Asian Hate.
For a list of resources to support the Stop Asian Hate movement, please go here.