"Do Good. Do More. Do Right." Conversations with San Diego Public Servants

“To be good, and to do good, is the whole duty of man…” –Abigail Adams

“This country – if it does not put its house in order – is not worth saving.” –Frederick Douglass in Scene 8 of JQA
Through “a series of fictitious encounters between John Quincy Adams and sundry family members and political associates on the subjects of life, liberty and the pursuit of a more rational relationship with government,” Aaron Posner’s play JQA challenges audiences to examine the definition of government and prompt discussion about what governments should do for their citizens today.
Through a series of conversations held on Zoom between members of San Diego REP’s Artistic team and some of San Diego’s Leading Public Servants, we will strive to do the same.
What is government? What makes a good leader? How are these matters different in 2020 versus the 18th century? And how can we do good, do better, and do right for our San Diego community?

October 20 at 7 PM PDT on Zoom
REP Associate Producer and Casting Director Kim Heil interviews Assemblymember and San Diego Mayoral Candidate Todd Gloria
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October 28 at 7 PM PDT on Zoom
REP Associate Artistic Director Todd Salovey interviews Councilmember and San Diego Mayoral Candidate Barbara Bry
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October 30 at 7 PM PDT on Zoom
REP Artistic Director Sam Woodhouse interviews Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher
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