Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

August 18, 1920, marks 100 years since the Susan B. Anthony Amendment (19th Amendment), giving women the right to vote, was passed by the states.

To celebrate, we thought we'd celebrate 5 early 20th century female playwrights! Have you heard of them?
from left to right: Hallie Flanagan-Davis, Marita Bonner, Sophie Treadwell, Regina M. Anderson and Rachel Crothers

Hallie Flanagan-Davis was a producer, director, playwright, and author, best known as director of the Federal Theatre Project.
Marita Bonner was an accomplished short story writer, playwright and essayist.
Sophie Treadwell was a journalist, activist, suffragette, and playwright.

Regina M. Anderson was a librarian, playwright, and patron of the arts who helped WEB DuBois found the “Krigwa Players,” a company of Black actors performing plays by Black authors.
Rachel Crothers had nearly 30 plays produced on Broadway between 1906 and 1937 whose plays often had feminist themes. Crothers was a founding member of The Stage Women’s War Relief, which evolved into the American Theatre Wing.