Stories from Quarantine

One of our loyal REP patrons, theatre professional Tom Markus, sent us a story that brightened our day. If you'd like to share your own story for us to share as well, email it to our Audience Engagement Curator, Sherisa OIe, at

Each day, at 2:40, some dozen of the wonderful staff of my senior residence (The VI at La Jolla Village) gather outside our high rise, stand 6 feet apart from one another, and wave at all us residents who come out on our balconies. They hold up signs that say "Stay Strong" and they wave something of the day's color - today it was yellow. Sometimes they call out, as though we were the crowd at a football game, "Make a noise," and we do. I am moved by how powerful this experience of support and bonding is, and how much it's like the experience of live theatre, like seeing a show at the REP. There's a strong community of theatre lovers at The Vi, and in out lockdoan isolation, our need for the communal celebration that theatre provides is great. We are thankful for the substitute of live streamed performances like the REP's HOUSE OF JOY and each Thursday's emagazine that keeps us connected until we are all back in the darkened theatre once more, waving and bonding, learning and loving, as we humans need to do. Thank you, Sam, and The REP.