Update on Horton Plaza Construction

April 8, 2020

As you may be aware, Horton Plaza Mall, where the REP is located, was purchased by LA-based real estate investment firm, Stockdale Capital Partners, and is on its way to transition to an office campus. The Architect’s Newspaper reports that "The project, named The Campus at Horton…will effectively transform the 10-block property into an office campus with 772,000 square feet of office space for tech firms and an additional 300,00 square feet for ground-floor retail.” 

Our Audience Engagement Curator, Sherisa Oie, video-conferenced with our Managing Director, Larry Alldredge, to discuss how this construction will affect San Diego REP and your experience, once we are safely able to welcome you back to the theatre.  
Sherisa: Big picture, how does this project impact the REP? 
Larry: We’ve had a really good experience working with Stockdale. They care about the Lyceum Theatres being a part of their larger campus vision. They see us as fitting right in with what they want to accomplish. The REP will remain in its current location. Both we at the REP and those at Stockdale are also committed to keeping the Lyceum Theatre open during the duration of the construction.  
Sherisa: And what is the timeline and expected duration for the construction? 

Larry: Current timeline for completion is 18 months – with completion in 2022. Construction is exempt from the rest-in-place order, so work can continue to happen at present. I spoke with Stockdale recently, and the current plan is to take advantage of the theatres needing to be dark right now to get going on more significant construction. A construction barrier will likely be going up any day now.  

Sherisa: How will this affect access to the theatre? 

Larry: The park is getting completely renovated as well, so there will be construction on both sides, with safety barricades all around it. Access to the theatre from Broadway Circle will remain open, and we will always have an accessible pathway in and out of the theatre. The Horton mall elevator that brings you into the Lyceum will remain available at street level. All garage parking will have access points. There will be some sort of pedestrian tunnel from the Westin to the Lyceum. The biggest access change will be for those parking in Horton Plaza Garage as access to and through the mall will be closed. Pedestrians will have to exit the garage via the 4th Avenue stairs or elevator and access the REP by walking past the Balboa Theatre through a walkway in Horton Plaza Park. Stockdale has said they will be posting wayfinding signage to help people navigate.  

The exciting thing about future access is that part of Stockdale’s plan is to give a new look to the Lyceum entrance. We’ll have an above ground presence for the first time ever. It’ll be a building/entrance way that’s 10-15 feet tall with a Lyceum marquee designed to be a sculptural piece. They are going to build us a new elevator from street level into the theatre that will be much more visible, right by the staircase entrance.   

Sherisa: What about lighting and safety after dark? 
Larry: The pathways will be lit, and the Lyceum entrance will be lit. There will also be additional security on the construction site, provided by Stockdale. In addition, our REP staff have phone numbers to call security should anyone see anything suspicious, or feel the need for a security escort.   

Sherisa: Will anything change for those arriving and leaving the theatre by Uber, Lyft, or Taxi? 

Larry: Uber Drop-off/Pick-up, as far as we know, will not change at this point. If it has to move, it would move to over by the Balboa Theatre’s.  

Sherisa: Anything else you want to make sure our audiences know right now? 

Larry: The situation will change throughout construction, so we will be communicating as we go along to make sure everyone has the most up-to-date information we can provide. If anyone is interested in reading more about the project as a whole, U-T Reporter Jennifer Van Grove has done a number of articles that can be found online.