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For a detailed day-by-day Kuumba Festival schedule, click here.

San Diego has a rich and vibrant African American culture. In order to survive and prosper, the Black community has always used its creativity for motivation, collective work, encouraging responsibility and self-empowerment. Artistic exposure plays a vital role in the African American communities' journey for expression, healing and self-determination. San Diego Urban Warriors Inc. and the African American Advisory Council of the San Diego Repertory Theatre have utilized arts for over 28 years with ongoing edu-tainment, programs in behavior guidance, health education and cultural enrichment which incorporates prevention, intervention and ongoing creative support. Each year, the City of San Diego is invited to embrace and celebrate San Diego's diverse and provocative Black heritage and culture at the Kuumba Fest which is celebrated the last week of February. Kuumba Fest celebrates the positive lifestyle changes made over the year, provides cultural resources in the African Market Place, positive powerful healing images and spiritual celebrations for the entire family.

Click HERE to purchase a Kuumba Festival Pass ($115 + fees)! Includes access to all activities and priorty seating for all ticketed events.