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San Diego Repertory Theatre produces intimate, exotic, provocative theatre. We promote a more inclusive community through vivid works that nourish progressive political and social values and celebrate the multiple voices of our region. San Diego Repertory Theatre feeds the curious soul.

In the spirit of this mission, The REP seeks and selects local artists and arts organizations to partner with in order to display visual art that encourages dialogue and engagement around each play staged throughout our production season. The intent of the Lyceum lobby galleries is to enhance the visitor experience at the theatre and to create an immersive environment in which visitors can make more intimate connections to the works on stage.

During our production season, The REP produces six plays. For each play we host two visual art exhibitions in our lobby spaces. The REP also produces a Jewish Arts Festival every summer in which we showcase Jewish artwork of various media including ritual art and the work of Jewish visual artists in our galleries. If you are interested in potentially showing artwork during the Festival, please contact the Curator directly.

Art installations and exhibitions in the Upper and Lower Lyceum lobbies are scheduled through the Audience Engagement Curator. Exhibitors must fill out applications for these spaces, available on our website. We will begin accepting applications for Season 43 exhibitions on March 1, 2018 with a deadline of April 30, 2018.

Exhibitor Application FAQ Gallery Blog

In selecting exhibits, San Diego Repertory Theatre will take into consideration:

  1. Quality of artwork
  2. Overall community interest
  3. Artist or arts organization’s relevance to themes and subjects surrounding the play in production
  4. Previous exhibitions by the same artist, lender, or organization
  5. If the artist or organization has shown their work at The REP in previous seasons, and how recently
  6. Special needs, costs, or requests associated with proposed exhibits

The scheduling of exhibitions is dependent on The REP’s production calendar and dates for individual exhibitions will be given to artists when confirmed. All exhibitions are subject to the availability of the Lyceum Lobby and scheduling is subject to alteration.

The REP has two gallery spaces, the Lyceum Upper and Lower Lobbies.

The Upper Lobby space is intended for artist exhibitions that are not play-specific. If an artist would simply like to showcase their own work (not specifically related to a current production) the artist should apply for an exhibition in the Upper Lobby.

The Lower Lobby space is intended for art exhibitions that are thematically linked to the production that is on stage at the time of the exhibition. If an artist is interested in doing play specific artwork for the Lower Lobby, the artist will need to choose which of the season’s plays they are most interested in based on the description that we release when we announce our season. Scripts may be available to read or purchase online. If an artist has trouble locating a script, the Curator may be able to provide a copy. In some cases, a script may not be available.

Depending on the varying size of artist work, the number of pieces that may be shown in each lobby at any given time will vary from exhibition to exhibition. Generally, each exhibition contains an average of 25 pieces.

We accept application submissions of painting, photography, drawing, or other mediums that can be formatted and framed in a way that is compatible with our hanging system. Our art hanging system is a hook and cable system that is conducive to displaying framed works and other pieces that have picture hanging wire installed on it. All artwork must be prepped for installation by the artist prior to its delivery to The REP, and artists are responsible for their own transportation and installations of artwork.

All applications will be reviewed through a juried process by the Audience Engagement Curator and a committee of San Diego Repertory Theatre staff members. The committee decisions are final. If your proposal is selected, the curator will reach out via email with information. Please do not follow up by phone or email to check on the status of your application. We receive many inquiries about exhibiting at The REP and only show a limited number of exhibitions per season. If your application is not accepted for the upcoming season, you may reapply the following season.

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