How to use the Bindle App

How to use the Bindle App

Whether you’ve had a complete course of vaccinations or are planning to take a COVID test (or both!), the first thing you need to do is download the Bindle app.

1. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device and search for “My Bindle.”

2. After you download the app, set up an account on the Bindle app by providing a selfie, your email address and DOB. As a final step, you’ll be prompted to type in a verification code that is sent to your email.

3. Upload your COVID-19 vaccination and COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (or lab/test results) by going to My Certificates on your Bindle and tap the “+” icon and follow the instructions.

4. Once you’ve uploaded your digital health records (vaccine record or test results), go to My Passes on your Bindle and search for San Diego Repertory Theatre. Then, click Create Entry Pass and if you pass, you’ll be presented with an entry pass including your selfie, a QR code and an expiration date.

5. When you arrive at the event, the staff will either scan or visually inspect your Entry Pass to verify your COVID-19 health status.

6. If you have any other questions check out Bindle's FAQ.