September 2014

Surround Events

The Stories of Those Who Served

Wednesday, September 3 @ 6:00pm before the 7:00pm show

Like Mona Golabek, Award – winning U-T SAN DIEGO journalists PETER ROWE and JOHN WILKENS believe in the power of sharing true historical stories of courage and bravery. Peter, a former Fulbright Scholar, is the past president of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. John is a staff writer on the People & Sunday team, acclaimed for his news reporting, feature writing and investigative journalism. In 2012 they published a collection of stories titled WWII: THOSE WHO SERVED TO TELL THEIR STORIES. Join Peter and John as they show videos and share the stories of the veterans they interviewed.


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Talkin' Theatre with Todd

Thursday, September 4 @ 7:00pm before the 8:00pm show

Join REP Associate Artistic Director TODD SALOVEY for a fascinating behind the scenes conversation with the adapter and director of tonight’s performance. Hear the inside story from the esteemed musical and theatre artist HERSHEY FELDER.


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We Love to Play the Piano

Friday, September 5 @ 7:00pm before the 8:00pm show

Since its birth in 2011, a group of San Diegans called AMATEURPIANISTS has grown to 400 members strong. These piano enthusiasts believe that Classical music should be enjoyable and reachable for everyone. Come enjoy a mini concert performed by amateur pianists who will amaze you with their musical chops!

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A Day in The Life of a Rabbi

Sunday, September 7th @ 1:00pm before the 2:00pm show

Nationally-known clergyman, teacher and speaker RABBI BEN KAMIN is the author of eight books on human values, civil rights and spirituality. As a child in Israel, he grew up surrounded by Holocaust survivors. Join the Rabbi for a special talk about the his experiences and study of the struggle for human rights and free expression.

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Live in Concert: Pizarro Brothers

Wednesday, September 10 @ 6pm before the 7:00pm show

Homeschooled in San Diego and raised with an appreciation and love for music, brothers DOMINIC AND ANGELO PIZARRO began studying classical music when they were 3 1/2 years old. With encouragement from their mother and grandfather, the boys continued their zest for the classics while developing a passion for jazz and pop. Their amazing skills on the keyboard led to them opening for Marvin Hamlish in 2010. Discover a keyboard duo you will never forget when the young brothers perform a mini concert of multi-genre selections.

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Sam's Salon: Museum of Making Music

Thursday, September 11 @ 7:00pm before the 8:00pm show

The piano is one of the most magical and complex musical instruments known to mankind. But just how does a piano produce such magic for our ears? Experts from Carlsbad’s THE MUSEUM OF MAKING MUSIC know the answers. Join REP Artistic Director SAM WOODHOUSE as he hosts the Museum’s director CAROLYN GRANT and her team of experts for a provocative discovery of the history and mechanics of the piano. Info about the Museum at 

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Meet The Artists

Friday, September 12 after the 8:00pm show

After the show, join actress MONA GOLABEK for a revealing and frank discussion of her work onstage. Bring your questions and comments. Hosted by The REP’s Casting Director JACOLE KITCHEN.

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Gallery Artist Tour

Saturday September 13 @ 7:00pm before the 8:00pm show

Each play produced by The REP is supported by an art exhibit in the lobby which visually speaks to the themes in the play onstage. Join Jewish visual artist DENNIS ELLMAN and bi-national art liaison MARIZA SANCHEZ as they become your personal docents on a tour of the gallery. Make tonight a full evening for your ears, eyes and heart!

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Live in Concert: Pizarro Brothers

Sunday, September 14 @ 1:00pm before the 2:00pm show

Join us again for another mini concert by these two phenomenally talented, piano playing brothers!

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Postcard Project: Remembering your Childhood

Wednesday, September 17 @ 6:00pm before the 7:00pm show

The Pianist of Willesden Lane is the true story of a young girl’s extraordinary journey. What was special about your childhood? We invite you to share the answer by decorating a postcard with special story, a vivid memory or a drawing of what you wanted to be when you grew up! Share your truth and your memory, then mail it to a friend or family or post it in our lobby for everyone who sees the play to enjoy. Who knows what your childhood treasure might inspire?

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Open Piano Night

Thursday, September 18 @ 7:00pm before the 8:00pm show

Did you take piano lessons when you were young? Are you a secret “Duke Silver”-type pianist on the weekends? Tonight is your night to come tickle the ivories on the baby grand piano in our lobby. Or just grab a drink at our lobby bar and enjoy watching others remember their musical skills. Sponsored by ADULT PIANO STUDENTS OF NORTH COUNTY. Info about APS at

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Memory in Movement and Poetry

Friday, September 19 @ 7:00pm before the 8:00pm show

AMIGOS DEL REP join with SALOMAN MAYA, RICHARD TRUJILLO and students from the San Diego School of the Creative and Performing Arts for a thoughtful journey in memory of young survivors of the holocaust told gracefully through ballet and poetry written by actual young survivors.

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