Past Shows

Steal Heaven

Do you ever wonder if activism in America can provoke real change? Is it possible to stand up and shout and really make a difference?

Maybe it’s time to get a little crazy! This is where bad-boy Abbie Hoffman (played by Herbert Siguenza) comes in. You know about Abbie, right? He was the political and social activist who co-founded the Youth International Party (“Yippies”) on New Year’s eve of 1968. But did you know that this icon of youthful rebellion now serves as the patron saint of radicals? In his little corner of heaven, Abbie conducts a boot camp for activists who have the chutzpah required to go back to Earth to become new agents of change. 


Greg Kalleres’ inspired satire centers around a basketball shoe company called Sky Max that traditionally markets toward urban youth. But when a young African American is shot for a pair, sales suddenly triple among rich, white teens.

The Pianist of Willesden Lane

“Stunning theatre that will leave you emotionally breathless… a theatrical experience not to be missed.” —Broadway World


Grammy-nominated pianist and storyteller Mona Golabek

shares the gripping tale of a young girl who holds on to her music in order to stay alive. In Vienna, 1938, a 14 year old piano prodigy finds her dreams of becoming a concert pianist threatened by the looming war in Europe. When her parents buy her a one way ticket to England on the Kindertransport, the children’s survival train, an amazing story of art preserving life begins...


The story is set in 1958 at a critical point in the career of the superstar abstract expressionist painter. Rothko has been challenged to create a definitive work of art for the exclusive Four Seasons restaurant. His problem: the threatening presence of a neophyte assistant, a voice of a new generation of artists that question Rothko’s theories and label him a sell-out. Surrounded by massive black and red canvases that pulsate with color, the result is an exhilarating and combative battle between student and master in search of the very highest art possible.



The Obie winner and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize is a playful and primal cocktail about the American dream and the pursuit of happiness.

Ben and Mary are a couple comfortably settled into their suburban American lifestyle. One day the free spirits Sharon and Kenny suddenly move into the long–empty house next door. Ben and Mary break out the booze and fire up the backyard barbeque to welcome their new neighbors.

With biting humor, playwright D’Amour challenges American cultural assumptions about status, comfort, ambition, and community.

In The Time Of The Butterflies

In the Dominican Republic in the mid-20th century, Generalisimo Rafael Trujillo (El Jefe) ruled his tiny but strategic country with the brutal extravagance of a modern day Napoleon. Nothing threatened his fantasy of unlimited power - nothing except a secret underground movement, at the center of which were four sisters known by the code name butterflies. The gently blooming but unstoppable resistance against the dictator by Patria, Dedé, Minerva, and María Teresa inspired novelist Julia Alvarez to write the best-selling book, In the Time of the Butterflies. 

Venus In Fur

Get ready for a wild night of theatre.

This Broadway smash and Tony Award® Best Play nominee begins innocently enough: a young actress is auditioning before ademanding playwright/director for the role of a lifetime. But soon the tale takes a darker, edgy turn as we learn the play is based on the 1870 erotic novella Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (Mr. Masochism himself). When these two emotionally-charged artists get wrapped up in an ultimate test of wills, it’s man versus woman, director versus actress, and writer versus muse...all with a little leather and lace mixed in.

Un fin de semana con Pablo Picasso

Hace tres años el escritor y actor Herbert Siguenza (Culture Clash) tuvo la audacia de escribir y actuar como Pablo Picasso, el pintor de mayor influencia en la historia moderna. El REP tuvo un evento de tres semanas qué fue la sensacíon del momento. Ahora este trabajo crucial totalmente realizado es todo un excito con aplausos de la audiencia en Los Angeles, Bay Area, Houston y Denver, la jira de Siguenza de un solo hombre regresa mas fuerte qué nunca.

A Weekend with Pablo Picasso


Three years ago the actor/writer Herbert Siguenza (Culture Clash) had the audacity to write an original play and star as Pablo Picasso, the most influential artist in modern history. The REP hosted a 3-week workshop that quickly became a sensation. 

In The Heights


This exuberant Tony Award®-winning musical presents the universal story of a vibrant immigrant community seeking their 21st century version of the American dream.


The ultimate Jewish Jam band rocks the house. Their live shows are full of Mediterranean flavor with captivating guitar leads, dance rhythms and strong percussion breaks.
In partnership with NCSY San Diego.
Steal Heaven


A staged reading based on the life of activist Abbie Hoffman. Abbie, now in an other-wordly Jewish home for the aged, teaches Twitter generation protesters. A political comedy that will raise the roof and maybe the Pentagon too!
Women of Valor


A woman of valor who shall fi nd? A partial answer is found in this new staged reading with music about 6 inspirational San Diego women.This year’s reading features portraits of Leslie Caspi, Shir Hebron, Audrey Jacobs, Jennie Starr, Judith Handler and the late Marla Bennett.
All proceeds will benefi t: SCY High, Torah High, the Jewish Academy,and StandWithUs.
The 12th Annual Klezmer Summit


1940’s Jazz had a special Jewish swing.Benny Goodman was the first musician to bring African American jazz musicians to Carnegie Hall.Yale Strom presents “Jews in Jazz” featuring renowned jazz cellist Fred Katz and Hot Pstromi. Strom’s all-star band includes guest trumpeter Gilbert Castellenos, Tripp Sprague, Lou Fanucchi, Jeff Pekarek, Duncan Moore, Fred Benedetti, and vocalist Elizabeth Schwartz.
Complimentary Kosher Knishes.
Panel discussion on “Jews in Jazz” with Fred Katz & Yale Strom at 6:30pm.


The Figueroa Family and its Jewish Roots


Guillermo Figueroa, former Music Director of the New Mexico Symphony and Puerto Rico Symphony and his sister Ivonne Figueroa present a piano and violin concert along with stories and photographs.
This program is part of ADL’s ¡Celébrate! The Jewish Experience in Spanish Speaking Countries.
Complimentary wine reception at 7pm.


Federal Jazz Project
Sizzling New Jazz
Poetry Rising Like Smoke
An Unforgettable Story About
An Unbreakable Bond Between 
Two Sisters Named San Diego And Tijuana
The Mountaintop

By Katori Hall

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "I may not get there with you, but I want you to know that we as a people will get to the Promised Land." King, who lived every day in the face of death, was assassinated on April 4, 1968 while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis.

Frederick Douglass Now

Written and Directed and presented by Roger Guenveur Smith

his acclaimed solo piece about abolitionist and pioneering feminist, Frederick Douglass for three performances only. Born in a slave cabin, self taught, and passionately committed to justice and equality, Douglass earned an international reputation as a lecturer and activist. Using text from Douglass’ classic 19th century works and his own original narrative, Smith explores the African American experience in a riveting performance.

Clybourne Park

By Bruce Norris
Directed by Sam Woodhouse

Winner of the 2012 Tony Award for Best Play, 2011 Pulitzer Prize and Olivier Award for Best Play, Clybourne Park is an unforgettable new story about race, class, and real estate in America.

The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged)

Written and directed by Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor

After a seven year hiatus, a holiday production returns to San Diego REPertory Theatre. Christmas will never be the same once you share the holiday with the inspired lunacy of the masters of condensing the classics – the Reduced Shakespeare Company.

A Hammer, A Bell, and A Song to Sing

By Todd Salovey
with Vaughn Armstrong, Dave Crossland, and Jim Mooney
Directed by Todd Salovey 

Musical Direction and Arrangements by Bruno Louchouarn

featuring Lisa Payton

Back by popular demand is the production that had San Diego singing in three-part harmony and provoked standing ovations at every one of its workshop production performances. This fall, San Diego REP will present an expanded and fully developed production of last season’s runaway hit.

The Exit Interview

Please join us for an evening of fearlessly ambitious, deliciously witty and insatiably curious comedy, The Exit Interview is written by William Missouri Downs, directed by Sam Woodhouse and stars Herbert Siguenza (Culture Clash and A Weekend with Pablo Picasso) Laugh now, but expect the unexpected.

Zoot Suit

By Luis Valdez
Directed by Kirsten Brandt
Choreography by Javier Velasco
Musical Direction by Bill Doyle

Zoot Suit will be produced through the same partnership between San Diego REP and San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts that made “Hairspray” (2010) ...

The Who's TOMMY



The Story

The world’s first rock opera is now re-imagined for the 21st century! “The most exhilarating music ever written” (Los Angeles Times) will rock the Lyceum Stage this summer with our brand new production of the Tony Award-winning stage version of one of the greatest albums in history.

Walter Cronkite is Dead.

The Story

“In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.” —Walter Cronkite Join us for the West Coast premiere of an intimate comedy that takes the vitriolic rhetoric of red state vs. blue state and asks us to view “the other” with our eyes wide open.